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Let's answer some questions!

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Where do I park?

We highly suggest to grab an Uber/Lyft for the event! Parking at the venue is limited. If you need to drive, try and carpool with others!

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Masks aren't mandatory but we recommend unvaccinated guests wear one to protect themselves & others! Masks will be provided at the venue if you forget one & need it.

Should I wear a mask?

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When should I arrive?

Doors open at 6:00 pm for cocktail hour & mingling! The Debut start at 7:00pm.

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What do I wear?

Career Apparel! Director's in suits, Reds/Team Leaders/DIQ's in Red Jackets etc. Everyone else - snappy casual!

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All VIP's will be given special access to the VIP lounge upon arrival! We will have a list of VIP names at the entrance.

I'm a VIP!

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Will there be food?

There will be heavy hors devours & drinks. VIP's get an exclusive signature mocktail.

(I would come as close to 6:00 as you can!)

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Are kids allowed?

This is a child free event! Leave the kiddos at home and enjoy your night out!

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