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My Top Ten Fave Hair Products

As shallow as it seems, I really can't think of anything that makes me feel more confident than a really good hair day. As a matter of fact, if I could justify it (or if a Dry Bar was conveniently located in my neighborhood) I would probably be one of those ladies who live in big cities and married rich and get a blowout a few times per week. Those women actually exist and they are currently living #thedream. But I digress.

Since I'm still working on the whole "millionaire" thing and the nearest Dry Bar is about 3 hours away, I've learned to make do in my own tiny bathroom with some bomb, overpriced hair products that totally do the trick.

The Wet Brush is #10 on the list mainly because it's old news and everyone has one of these already. If you don't own a Wet Brush then stop reading this and go get one at Target today. You probably aren't ready for the other 9 products because this brush is the most essential thing you can have. SCOUTS HONOR. It detangles your hair like a freakin' dream. 99% of you already know that so moving on......

You'll see a lot of R+Co products on this list. 84% of the reason I buy these products is because their packaging slays my life. The Park Avenue Blow Out Balm goes in wet/damp hair for a smoother, sleeker finish. Blow dry your hair with a round brush (and even do it in sections if you feel like getting serious). Your hair will thank you and it smells fabulous. It doesn't weigh down the hair at all which is muy importante.

Again with the packaging. R+Co is like the Chuck Bass of the hair care world. Hot (and he knows it), rich, well-dressed, and honestly too cool for you but you still really want him to like you. #ImChuckBass. Maybe add just a splash of Dan Humphrey because their website is hella hipster. I imagine he would probably be on Taylor Swift's birthday party guest list every year but he doesn't go because he has cooler things to do.

Okay but back to the Dallas spray. Spritz just a little of this liquid magic in your roots before blow drying and then blow out with a round brush (works best if you do it in small sections). This spray gives your hair so much lift and volume which is just how we like it. "The higher the hair, the closer to heaven" as I imagine they say in Dallas.

I don't straighten my hair too often these days. Mainly because curling it is actually faster. But on the rare occasion that I do, this straightener is BAE. My friend Megan recommended it to me and she has more hair than any human I've ever met. If it can straighten her hair, it can straighten yours. I got mine on Black Friday for 50% off. They do sales pretty often, so don't pay full price!

Surprise! More R+Co! As my hair gets longer, I've found that my Wet Brush needs some help after hopping out of the shower. I spray this generously all over my hair right after I shower and then brush it out with my Wet Brush. It makes the process so much simpler and it also acts as a lightweight leave-in conditioner. This is a fabulous bonus because my highlighted hair needs the extra boost of moisture! Double yay!

I've tried lots of different curling irons as well as different sizes. I like this barrel size because it gives me big, bouncy curls that eventually fall out to waves. I've tried to get on board with the curling wands but at the end of the day, I think I'll always be a clamp gal. I start by grabbing 1 inch pieces of hair and curling mid-shaft and working my way down to the ends. Whenever my friends borrow this curling iron, they always make comments about how much better it works than the one they have. I used to use cheap curling irons and they got the job done, however I notice that this one is much more gentle on my hair.

Hands down the most expensive shampoo and conditioner I've ever owned. Buying the 2 as a pair will run you $94 before taxes! However, my stylist assured me it would last forever and she wasn't wrong. Both the shampoo and conditioner lasted me about 9 months which I thought was pretty incredible. If you have blonde or highlighted hair, you probably know the importance of using a violet shampoo/conditioner to keep your hair from getting brassy. This formula leaves my hair feeling and smelling great as well as keeping the brass away.

3. Dry Shampoo

Okay this is such a DUH it's not even funny. But there are SO MANY dry shampoos out there. How do we even freaking pick?! I've decided to break down my top Dry Shampoo pics for you. You're welcome:

a. Best Drugstore Dry Shampoo:

I'd have to go with Batiste. They have tons of scent options and you can even get it in a blonde or brunette variety instead of having that white, powdery look on your scalp. Overall, the dry shampoo is popular for a reason. and at $7.99, it's a good product for a good value. Because we use so much dry shampoo on a weekly basis, I usually buy this because it's so much more economical than my other faves.

b. Best High-end Dry Shampoo:

They don't call it The Dry Bar for nothin' y'all. This dry shampoo is pure gold and they have totally mastered it. It smells fabulous and has great packaging. I would use this one all the time if it werent $23 a bottle!

c. Best Dry Shampoo You've Never Heard Of:

R+Co makes this bomb Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste. It's so interesting! You scoop out a nickle-sized amount of this sticky paste and work it all into your roots. It gives your hair this INSANE texture and hold. But instead of leaving behind an awful, greasy residue like Big Sexy Hair Powder and Play, it actually cleans up your hair while it's there and absorbs excess oil. It also lasts FOREVER so that's a major plus! I don't use this every day, but I love using it when I'm doing an updo or I need humongous volume.

This product is the literal BAE of my life (second only to Zac). It smells SERIOUSLY amazing. So amazing that people have asked me what perfume I'm wearing if they stand close to me. So amazing that I have sprayed it on my clothes and wore it as perfume. Seriously amazing. It also is even better than Dry Shampoo and if I could only live with one hair product, I think it would be this. It's called Triple Sec because it does 3 things in one: Texturize, Amplify, Refresh. Just flip your hair over and spray this every where. Instant perfect hair....even if you're on day 3 since your last wash. You need it. It breaks my heart that it's $26 per can since I can use this stuff up as fast as 2-3 weeks but that's when I tell myself YOLO and move on with my life. Money is temporary. Good hair is....well....still temporary. But sometimes more valuable tbh.

My number one favorite hair product is MOST CERTAINLY my hair extensions. In April, when I got my first set of Halo Couture extensions, my life changed. These bad boys took me from a six to a solid 9. They are crushingly expensive but again: Good hair > anything else. I personally own the 16" layered extensions. Not a single one of my family or friends thought I was wearing extensions when I first got them. Everyone would just say stuff like "Wow Jamie, your hair is growing SO FAST!" or "Dang girl, did you just get your hair done? Your hair looks so good today." So that was my proof that they look incredibly real and natural. They are real human hair and are incredible quality. The best part is, I can wear them whenever i want and it only takes about 5 minutes to put it on. There are no clips or tape. It's held on by the weight of your own natural hair and a small fishing-line type of wire. Look it up on Youtube if youre wondering how they work. They are AMAZING and 100% worth the mortgage-payment-sized price tag in my world.

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